I'm in a hunt of knowledge for society impact. I constantly develop solutions and measure the fit in community

In that circle, I grow and improve my skills. I do web development and artificial intelligence applications especially computer vision and natural language processing, they have power which never ceased to amaze me

Web development, Machine learning and Deep learning, Computer vision
Education, Agriculture, Health and finance

My Projects


CEO and Computer vision engineer

A gadget providing artificial vision for the blind with machine learning to simulate brain's visual region which blind lacks.


Chief Technical Officer

Social crowdfunding platform harnessing power of African culture of togetherness to enable collective greatness


Chief Executive Officer

Education information website assisting students with paperless admissions, comparative analysis of schools and career guidance

Smart Class

Web developer

Platform helping students from everywhere to access quality education through materials, library and mentorship

ANPR Parking

Computer vision

A smart parking system which uses plate recognition for parking gate controlling and revenue management


Computer vision

Currently researching classification of pathologies from chest X-Ray images to help clinicians

There are many other projects I have done which can be found on github